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Exterior Projects

Give your home a fresh new look with Tap Remodeling!

If it's on the outside of your home our experienced professionals can install, repair or replace it. We offer a wide range of exterior services that will meet all homeowner’s needs. Whether it’s siding installation/painting, replacing old/dated windows and doors, or replacing those leaky gutters, our team at Tap Remodeling is your general contractor that has what it takes to make any house look new again.



Tap Remodeling will assist homeowners in selecting from the most reputable siding manufacturers for your home. Tap Remodeling is proud to offer many durable and affordable products such as fiber cement siding and vinyl siding. 

By choosing Tap Remodeling for your siding project, You will be getting an exceptional product that suits your homes needs, as well as, an exceptional installation by highly skilled professionals



Gutters are crucial in protecting your home. They play a vital role in removing water from your roof and transporting it away from your home. Gutters help in reducing the risk of foundation problems, preserve your landscaping, as well as protecting your basement from flooding. There are many types of gutters, so make sure you hire a top gutter contractor like Tap Remodeling, who can help you make your decision based on your home and your surroundings.


Windows & Doors

Installing new windows is one of the best things homeowners can do, especially for energy efficiency. New windows & doors are also one of the best ways to instantly add curb appeal. Having Tap Remodeling replace your windows and doors will make your home the dream home to all  your neighbors. Tap Remodeling offers competitive pricing on great products such as Andersen, Provia, Wincore and many more with no hidden fees in our prices. You can save money without sacrificing quality with us both with the product and your energy bill!

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